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Payments & Insurance

Payment & Insurance

Payments & Insurance important points: All reputable, self-storage companies require insurance for goods that are placed into storage.

Indeed, it is compulsory to have your good insured.

Your insurance cover must be a realistic reflection of the value of the items being stored. We will arrange insurance on your behalf at extra cost. Insurance starts from £3 per week for £2,000 of cover.

Another key point to consider is being “Under Insured”. If you need to make a claim and you underestimated the value of the goods you are claiming for then insurance companies will administer a penalty. This is a common mistake made by many storage users nationwide.

Payments & Insurance

We ask you to pay every four weeks (28 days) in advance. If you leave in the middle of a paid-up period, we will promptly credit any unused days back to your debit card, so you only pay for the days you actually use.

We take payment by recurring debit card payments every 4 weeks. If you fail to keep up with your payments, your fob may be deactivated until they are brought up to date.

Please remember to update our office with any new debit card details. Cards undoubtedly expire and the re-curing card payment system will need to be updated to prevent you falling behind with payments.

Access to storage units may be restricted if you fail to keep self storage payments up to date.

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